AirBaltic Airbus A220 engine issue

AirBaltic ‘closely following’ Airbus A220 engine issue

Latvian airline airBaltic said October 15 it had no plans to ground its fleet and was paying precise attention to advice from the company responsible for manufaturing the engines on its fleet of Airbus A220 aircraft.  “AirBaltic is closely following engine manufacturer’s Pratt& Whitney recommendations on additional inspections.

CityBee launch car-sharing services in Latvia

CityBee to launch car-sharing services in Latvia

CityBee ride-sharing company starting from October 1 will expand its operations in Latvia and start car-sharing services in Riga, the company representatives informed. Initially the car park will consist of 300 cars, but gradually their number will increase.

tax war in the Baltics Latvia & Estonia

Will a booze tax war in the Baltics leave Latvia & Estonia with a bad hangover?

An alcohol tax war has broken out between Baltic neighbours Latvia and Estonia, who are among the EU’s biggest consumers of alcohol. First, a 25% alcohol duty cut came into force in Estonia on July 1, in a bid to stop people from travelling to Latvia to buy a cheap drink.Now Latvia, keen to protect its booze trade on the border with Estonia, made a 15% reduction of its own.

Automated technologies at EU borders

Automated technologies at EU borders and the future of Fortress Europe

In October 2018 the European Union (EU) announced it was funding a new automated border control system to be piloted in Hungary, Greece and Latvia. Called iBorderCtrl, the project uses an artificial intelligence (AI) lie-detecting system fronted by a virtual border guard to quiz travellers seeking to cross borders.

Latvia dangerous country drive

Why Latvia is one of Europe’s most dangerous countries to drive in

Latvia remains among the most dangerous countries in Europe in terms of road accidents despite a decrease in road traffic deaths. The government has taken on measures in the hopes of to tackling the issue, such as imposing harsher sanctions against speeders and drunk drivers. Experts say, however, poor road surfacing quality is also to blame.