Interview with a New Zealand expat Mohit Sharma in Latvia

interview with Mohit Sharma from New Zealand living in Latvia

Today’s interview is with Mohit Sharma, a New Zealand expat who is living in Latvia.

What is your name and where are you from?

Hi I am Mohit Sharma and I am from New Zealand!

What brought you to Latvia?

I moved to Latvia to live with my girlfriend who also returned from living in New Zealand for 1 year.

How long have you been in Latvia?

I have been here for 1 year.

How did you find your first few months here?

First few months were exciting and tricky. More exciting than tricky as everything was quite new and fresh for me.

What is your favourite part about living in Latvia?

My favorite parts are culture, language, forests, mushrooms,berries and the fact that you can live a very healthy life here when it comes to healthy eating. Lack of fast food restaurants is great. Surprisingly, a few of my mates have come over for a visit and I love to show them around each time

What would benefit you as a expat?

Perhaps more social expat programs or opportunities to mingle with locals in Riga would be great. I can see it happening more and more when it comes to integrating with other expats,but it would be great to have more opportunities where you can meet and befriend locals, that aren’t your spouse’s family haha.

What is the strangest thing you have come across?

The amounts of desserts with cottage cheese inside! At first, I thought this was very strange but quickly I learned to love all of them!!

What do you miss from home?

Other than family and friends, I suppose I miss the Mountains, Rugby and Cricket.

Would you plan to stay in Latvia permanently?

I will think about it more then make a decision

What do you wish for Latvia on its 100th birthday?

I wish Latvia a future with success and peace, because having lived in Latvia for 1 year, I can see how hard some people work here, and I have learned about the struggles the people have had to face in the past. So, Latvia deserves all the incline towards a brighter and a greater future


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